BACnet Solutions

Communications Standard

BACnet, short for Building Automation and Control Network, is an open protocol developed by the building automation industry to facilitate more extensive integration of HVAC, lighting, security and other commercial building systems. As the industry’s standard protocol, the ultimate goal of BACnet is to achieve interoperability of building control devices that may differ by application, manufacturer and vintage. Employing BACnet system integration leads to more cost-effective and reliable building automation systems that deliver greater energy savings and control.

Designing around BACnet compatible devices eases design and speeds implementation. BACnet simplifies the task of designing systems by providing a common language that various devices can understand. BACnet control devices may differ by application, manufacturer and vintage, but they share a common language that makes it possible to communicate and work together without the need for communication gateways and network bridges. Thus, real cost benefits are attained including:

  • Lower Design Cost
  • Quicker commissioning
  • Reduced lifecycle cost
  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased scalability
  • Better reliability
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