Gunshot Detection Solutions

Fully Automated Response System

Statistics indicate active shooter events are occurring with increasing frequency and affecting many industry segments. Research indicates those active shooter events where law enforcement response times were minimized dramatically decreased casualties. Having a rapid access control and notification system capable of performing lock-down protocols and notifying law enforcement & first responders within seconds after threat detection is crucial during an active shooter event!

The Emergency Automated Gunshot & Lockdown (EAGL) System is a fully automated active shooter response system. EAGL uses science developed by the Department of Energy to analyze waveform and energy level to discern a firearm has been discharged and to prevent false alarms. This zero false read dual validation technology will automatically lock down soft target areas within seconds. The building layout shows the shooter location with ballistic data and immediately notifies law enforcement and other emergency responders through email and text messages. EAGL can also integrate with facility access control, live streaming IP cameras, public address, mass communication, and local emergency notification systems. These functions are performed, automatically and autonomously, all within seconds of a detected threat event.


  • Detection range 100 ft
  • Can detect supressed .22 caliber
  • Wireless
  • Can interface with any PA system with no additional cost
  • Integrate with Access control systems to control door groups
  • Integrated dialer for 911 calls
  • Ballistic module for weapon caliber identification indoor and outdoor
  • Text to speech engine
  • Open REST API protocol
  • Shooting Location Categories

    • Commerce • 147 or 44%

      Businesses open to pedestrian traffic, businesses closed to pedestrian traffic and malls.

    • Educational Environments • 62 or 18%

      Schools Pre K-12 and institutes of higher education.

    • Open Spaces • 50 or 15%

      Public or private open-air locations.

    • Government Properties • 30 or 9%

      Military and other government properties.

    • Healthcare Facilities • 15 or 4.5%

      Hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

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