HVAC Solutions

Temperature Control

Take control of your HVAC control system. Basepoint provides turnkey solutions complete with full graphical interface, web access, alarm monitoring, data trending and reporting, plus more.


Power Management

Basepoint can provide and install meters and software to monitor, alarm and report all your power needs for building operation and tenant billing.


Energy Management

Become informed of all your energy consumption and take control with real time data and alarming. Knowledge is power and can save you money. Get the tools to make the right decisions.


Small Bldg Solutions

Sometimes you just need a simple control. Inquire about Basepoint's small building solutions and let us design you a system with the features you need.


Snow Melt

Weather in the Midwest changes quickly. Basepoint’s snowmelt solutions can automatically keep your pathways snow and ice free to cut down on the slips and falls.


Motorized Shades

Solar loads created by the sun beating in can cause you both comfort issues and cooling bills to keep your occupants happy. Let Basepoint automate your motorized shades and take back control.


Monitored Services

Whether you have critical HVAC or security systems, Basepoint can provide alarm monitoring services 24/7/365. Contact Basepoint to see how we can help notify you about your building when you need it most.


BACnet Interfaces

Today’s buildings are highly integrated and complex. Let Basepoint’s professional and trained techs troubleshoot and interface with all your BACnet systems.

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