Security Solutions

Access Control

Our access control systems give you the ability to allow or restrict access to your facility with card readers and even biometric scanning systems. You can also schedule access and even restrict access during certain hours.


Video Surveillance

Adding video surveillance to your facility gives you the added security to put your mind at ease. Clear, high quality video allows you to see what is happening, even if you are not there, through live or recorded video.



Our intrusion alarm systems will give you the peace of mind knowing your facility is monitored 24/7. Our specialists will analyze your facility and design a system that is both affordable and functional.



Ensure that only the people you want can enter highly secured areas by identifying them by their unique iris or handprint to ensure they are who they say they are. No more worrying about lost or stolen access cards.


Secured Entrances

Inquire about the solutions we offer to prevent users from "cheating" the system. We have solutions to prevent doors from being propped open and cards from being passed back. Truly control the flow of traffic into your building.


Visitor Management

Know when visitors enter and leave your building. Our easy-to-use visitor management solution makes check-ins a snap by scanning IDs and automatically prints the information onto a temporary badge.



Hear and see who is outside your door or security gate. Our intercom solutions seemlessly integrate into your existing systems to add an extra layer of security to your facility.


Gunshot Detection

Our system instantly detects gunfire and immediately relays this information via floor plan map with shot location, text, e-mail, and other notification pathways to key personnel and building occupants, with no human interpretation required.

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