Small Building Control Solutions

Buildings come in various sizes and complexity. Even small buildings can have affordable and simple controls to meet all your basic needs for energy management and security. Basepoint offers several solutions targeted for the small building need to help you control both your overhead cost of heating and cooling as well as your single door security needs. These system are designed to start small and grow with your facility as you grow over time.

HVAC Controls

Even though your building may be small, heating and cooling can be one of your largest business expenses. Basepoint carries a full line of controls that scale up from a single standalone thermostat or devices that can migrate into a system that can be networked wirelessly to provide you a global picture of your expanding business and multiple buildings. You can remotely set schedules of occupied hours, see the space temps and more. This simple basic control can save you money by taking control and not letting these system run wild. View remotely via the web, control and alarm your basic system needs.


Small buildings have security needs as well. Smart card access security can be affordable and a powerful tool for your small building. With smart card access system you can track who comes and goes, lock/unlock doors remotely and control user access without having to re-key your lock every time you have an employee change. You can also view video of your facility and alarm remotely when needed.

Scalable Systems

  • From one door to 1000+ doors
  • From one camera to 1000+ cameras
  • Web or mobile access
  • Alarming and monitoring options
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