Sound Masking Solutions

Acoustical Comfort

Acoustical comfort allows building owners to enhance the functionality of their space by mitigating sound while maximizing acoustical comfort. Basepoint's division SpectraSource uses Lencore™ sound masking to achieve acoustical comfort. From single, desktop units to a couple hundred square feet to a few million square feet spread out globally, Lencore has a solution that meets your objectives and speech privacy needs.

Comfort is typically not synonymous with workplace. Yet, as individuals, we crave a physically comfortable place in which to employ our knowledge and craft. An employee's performance is impacted by temperature, lighting, technology, noise and even the physicality of a chair or a desk. There is an expectation, and dare I say a right, to a comfortable work environment on behalf of the employee. Comfort is a key criteria which needs to be built into the asset decision process.

Speech Privacy

This is, after all, why you want a masking system in the first place. Because Lencore puts more than 30 years of engineering behind its sound (our first system was built in the early 1970s), you're assured of a quality system that accurately maintains speech privacy levels throughout your space.

Lencore systems provide point-by-point technical advantages in tuning, control and coverage

  • Lencore systems give you both individualized and central control of speakers.
  • Lencore systems ensure sound uniformity with no "sound drift" that requires re-tuning.
  • Lencore's unmatched sound tolerances are tighter than every system on the market.
  • Systems are tunable to +/- ½ decibels (dBs), compared to the +/- 3.0 to 5.0 dBs of other systems.
  • All masking/paging units are UL Listed for air-handling space
  • The temporal and spatial uniformity of Lencore's Spectra Sound Masking is unmatched in the industry and proven to meet ASTM standards for speech privacy.
  • Lencore products are manufactured in the US with high levels of recycled content and offer an industry best 10 year warranty.
  • The solutions we provide are proven to be low-cost. We use better wall standards that achieve a higher privacy index. In short, Lencore sound masking works. Any manufacturer can say its sound masking system is better. Lencore proves it on the two most important measures: how well it creates and maintains speech privacy and how it sounds (so comfortable, you don't know it's there).

    Sound Masking at a Glance

    • Who Needs Sound Masking?

      Almost everyone. If you've ever been interrupted by your co-workers' conversations, been overly aware that other people can hear your conversation or been distracted by ringing telephones, printers and other machines, you're a prime candidate for the benefits of sound masking.

    • How Sound Travels

      It's impossible to absorb or block all the sound around us because some will diffract over and around partitions or travel through penetrations in walls or ceilings. Sound that isn't absorbed or blocked must be covered (masked).

    • How Sound Masking Works

      Sound masking works by subtlety raising the ambient background sound level, thereby reducing sound's dynamic range. This effectively "masks" unwanted noise, makes speech unintelligible (creating privacy), and makes the work environment acoustically comfortable.

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