Biometric Solutions

The preferred method of access control for security-sensitive applications.

Biometric Solutions are systems that use biometric data to identify or verify the identity of an individual. Biometric data is a type of personal data unique to an individual, such as a fingerprint, facial recognition data, hand geometry, or iris recognition data. Biometric solutions involve capturing biometric data from an individual, such as by scanning their fingerprint or taking a photograph of their face and then comparing that data to a stored reference sample to determine the individual’s identity.

Biometric solutions can be used for various purposes, including access control, identity verification, and fraud prevention. They are a preferred method of access control in security-sensitive applications where a high level of accuracy and reliability is required.

Solution Options


  • Data Centers
  • IT rooms/closets
  • Research facilities


  • HID
  • Morpho
  • Bio-Connect

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