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Solutions delivering secure environments and the technology to support and monitor them.

Basepoint Building Automations offers security solutions that help safeguard and observe all areas of your building from the entrances to the perimeter and areas in between.

Solution Options

Access Control – the ability to allow or restrict access to your facility with any number of different options from basic card access to biometric systems.

Concealed Weapon and Gunshot Detection – the ability to detect the presence of a gun and gunfire and immediately relay this information to key personnel and building occupants with no human interpretation required.

Emergency Lockdown – the capability to provide mass notification and secured spaces as a result of an emergency situation.

Intrusion Detection – the ability to monitor your facility 24/7 for undesirable breaches to the building.

Privacy Protection – the solutions designed to manage sound levels within your building, providing specified levels of discretion and confidentiality.

Video Analytics & Management – the technology combining hardware and software that monitors, analyzes, and oversees video used to safeguard your building and its occupants.

Video Surveillance – the ability to monitor your facility, allowing you opportunity to be aware of all that is happening within and around your building.

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