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Smart Building. Safe Building. Healthy Building.

Solutions delivering intelligent data, peace of mind, and efficiency.

Basepoint Building Automations offers abundant options for building control solutions. Our systems are designed to support occupant health and safety and create a more efficient, sustainable, and comfortable facility.

Solution Options

Building Analytics – data gleaned from smart building technologies including networked sensors, building management systems, integrated workplace management systems, and internet of things edge devices.

Energy Monitoring – a system of solutions providing users with data about their consumption patterns to make informed energy management decisions and maximize savings.

Gas Detection – a life-saving solution with the ability to detect oxygen (O₂), nitrogen dioxide (NO₂), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and the lowest explosive limit (LEL) present in combustive gases.

Lighting Controls – a cost and energy-saving solution involving daylight harvesting, dimmers, motion sensors, occupancy sensors, photosensors, and timers to help reach building well-being goals.

Shade Controls – providing the ability to create an environment that is pleasant and comfortable while saving energy costs. Shade controls are an easy addition to the workplace with a big impact.

Temperature Controls – more than just managing a building’s heating and cooling — our systems also integrate a full graphical interface, web access, alarm monitoring, data trends, reporting, and more.

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