Emergency Lockdown

Enhance the security of your building dramatically with this crisis measure.

A crisis measure designed to enhance the security of your building dramatically and rapidly by initiating a communications protocol affecting peoples’ locations, movements, and activities. The objective of these systems is to provide a fast and effective response in the event of an emergency to protect occupants and secure the building.

Technology to secure a building during a crisis situation can include:

  1. Door control systems – for locking/unlocking doors remotely or automatically
  2. Access control systems – for denying/granting access to specific areas of the building
  3. Surveillance systems – for monitoring the interior and exterior of the building
  4. Communication systems – for broadcasting emergency alerts and allowing communication between occupants and security personnel
  5. Lighting control systems – for adjusting lighting during an emergency to improve visibility or indicate evacuation routes.

Solution Options


  • Fire and smoke
  • Bomb threat
  • Suspicious mail
  • Biohazard
  • Chemical spill
  • Gas leak
  • Flood
  • Active shooter
  • Inclement weather

Products Options:

  • Threat detection technology
  • Communication platform technology
  • Safety technology

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