Vehicle Barrier & Parking Control

The physical structures and electronic systems you need to manage vehicles and protect property.

Vehicle barriers and parking controls are used to limit or manage access or traffic, increasing safety and asset protection.

Vehicle barriers are designed to prevent vehicles from entering a restricted area or property. These barriers can be physical structures such as gates or bollards, or they can be electronic systems such as turnstiles or automatic gates.

Parking controls, on the other hand, refer to the various measures put in place to regulate the use of parking spaces. These can include measures that prohibit drivers from parking in certain areas, barriers that mark off designated parking areas, and solutions that help ensure vehicles are parked in an organized and safe manner.

Solution Options


  • Parking lots
  • Commercial districts
  • Railroad crossings
  • Construction sites
  • Private, gated communities
  • Highway medium

Product Options

  • Active Vehicle barriers – open & close on command
    • Wedge barriers
    • Bollards
    • Beam barriers
    • Mobile barriers
    • Portable barriers
  • Passive Vehicle barriers – immovable unless destroyed
  • Crash barriers – designed to stop a vehicle or for collision control
  • Hybrid Vehicle barriers – some features of active and passive systems


  • Lift Master

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