Visitor Management

Track and control the movement of visitors in your building or facility.

Visitor Management systems track and control the movement of visitors in a building or facility. They provide information regarding who is in your facility through real-time, reliable reporting. These systems proactively achieve maximum security with minimal effort.

Visitor management solutions combine systems and software programs to help organizations to manage and track the flow of visitors, record the movements of personnel and manage the use of facilities.

Our visitor management solutions include sophisticated electronic systems that use computerized databases combined with identity tracking. These systems can be used to track the arrival and departure times of visitors, as well as to ensure that only authorized individuals are allowed access to certain areas of a building or facility. Some visitor management systems also include features such as appointment scheduling, notification alerts, and reporting tools.

Solution Options


  • Building entrances

Product Options

  • Badge printing
  • Bar code scanning
  • Driver’s license and business card scanning
  • Email notification
  • Passport scanning
  • Photo capture
  • Signature capture
  • Web browser pre-authorization


  • Schneider Electric
  • Genetec
  • Software House
  • Avigilon
  • HID

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