Concealed Weapon and Gunshot Detection

A proactive approach to detecting a wide range of concealed weapons.

Our advanced sensors detect a wide range of threats and discharges.

Basepoint Building Automations’ concealed weapons and gunshot detection systems use advanced technologies to detect hidden firearms, knives, or other weapons on individuals in high-security areas such as airports, government buildings, and schools. Our systems employ a variety of methods, including X-ray imaging, metal detection, millimeter wave technology, and terahertz imaging.

Solution Options


  • Building Entrances
  • Building-wide systems

Products Options:

  • Scanning solutions designed to detect firearms, metallic weapons, and improvised explosive devices
  • Alerts sent directly to a VMS
  • Facility specific solutions designs; alignment with the safety needs of a building
  • Acoustic sensing technology to identify, distinguish, and report gunshots to appropriate personnel and police

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